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Self Healing Retreat


Stephanie Andersen - Sevak Ardas Kaur

Stephanie has been on her own healing journey for many years. She has learned important and necessary steps in the healing process both through personal experience and trainings. She has also cultivated the skills of compassion, understanding, non judgment and love in order to provide a safe space for healing.

Date: October 2024

Check-in Time: 4:00 pm, Thursday 

Check-out Time: 10:00 am Sunday 

Location: Tetonia, Idaho

Retreat Description:

The intention of this retreat is to create a safe and loving environment so you can experience self healing in body, mind and soul. Through the use of multiple healing modalities we will process emotions and thoughts that have been keeping us captive with yoga and breathwork. We will strengthen and connect more deeply to our true higher self through meditation and imagery. We will rewrite our truth and stories through imagery and art. 

This experience and connection with our highest self is what allows us to let go of false pretenses, ideas, beliefs and identities. In other words, we heal.

Stephanie will work intuitively to lead this retreat with the knowledge, skills and training that she has acquired on her own journey of healing and through trainings. She will use Kundalini yoga and meditation, gong bath, guided imagery, breath work, journaling, art and nature to help facilitate self healing.


Inclusions and meals:

To keep the cost the same as the prior location/date Stephanie asks you bring your own food for breakfast and lunch. Thursday and Friday dinners will be included with cost. If you choose to stay until Sunday, your Saturday dinner will not be included.

All lodging and healing activities and modalities are included with the price of the retreat. 

Benefits for coming:

-Releasing and letting go of old emotions holding you back

-Find greater peace about yourself and your life’s circumstances

-Gain greater personal power

-Have greater clarity of self and life situations

-Positive shift toward your authentic self

-Supportive group environment

-Increased love for self

-Forgiveness of self and others 

Sleeping Arrangements:

At this point we only have a shared room with 3 twin beds available. 


Please fill out the registration form by clicking register here. Once the form is received Stephanie will send an email confirming your registration. After Stephanie sends the registration confirmation, you will then have 24 hours to pay the retreat in full. Please send payment using one of the following options: Venmo: Stephanie-Andersen-11 or PayPal: (please choose friends/family to avoid a charge).

Your reservation will be confirmed via email once the full payment is received. If

your payment is not received within 24 hours your spot may be given to someone else. If you need a payment plan, please inquire. 

No refunds after May 5th, 2023



Last day to register is May 4th

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