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11 day morning meditation experience

Stress is a build up of energy which goes against our divine natural state. It causes one to react instead of respond. It can keep you revving, pushing and making things happen instead of being in the flow. Stress can create habits that go against out better judgement.

Anxiety is the product of fear we are carrying in our bodies and mind. Often times these fears are hidden or unknown, sometimes we are very aware of them. Anxiety increase blood pressure, heart rate and racing mind. 

This live meditation class will work with kundalini meditations that are specific to addressing the nervous system and the stress and anxieties that we are carrying in body and mind. 

Stephanie will intuitively lead this experience with the kundalini meditations that will be most beneficial for the group.  Every meditations will all be focused on releasing stress and anxiety.

Walk away feeling a deeper sense of trust, peace, calm and love.

April 2 - April 12

6:00-6:30am MDT


Release stress and anxiety: Offerings
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