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Healing, Change and Growth

My name it Stephanie. Like everyone else I have been through the storms and sunshine of life. I have been healing from my own personal traumas, deconstructing and reconstructing myself into truth since 2017. I have always desired to be of service to others in improving their quality of life. I have a B.A. in Pyschology, B.A. in recreation therapy, certificate in guided imagery, Reiki certified and I am a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. 

With the intention of helping people progress into a healthier state of mind and being, I intuitively facilitate clients in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Therapeutic Guided Imagery and Energy Balancing. These modalities work to remove old patterns, habits and thoughts from the subconscious mind, in turn allowing healing, change and growth. My goal is to serve you, your needs and help you progress on your personal journey to light, truth and love.

Stephanie specializes in:

-inner child + inner self + parts work

-generational healing

-connecting with your higher power for healing, knowledge, wisdom, insight and/or direction

-relationship healing

-cord healing

-forgiveness and letting go

-healing through surrender

-soul retrieval 

-reframing and restoring 

All in person classes are held in Bountiful, Ut unless otherwise noted.

Payments accepted through venmo and paypal.

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Support Charlotte on her healing journey as she fights stage 3+ breast cancer. We will meet online together and chant Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Meditation on her behalf. 

Monday March 25th

7:00 pm



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a set of tools to guide you through healing

As a healing facilitator I observed many times when clients needed a little extra help at home but not a full session.  I noticed something simple helped people come to a centered and balanced place. It got me thinking, how can I better serve people on their own? In 2019 I started writing a booklet. I shelved it for a few years because I couldn't see a way to format it. In 2022 I wanted to give retreat attendees something they could take home to continue their journey. A deck of cards came to mind and I remembered the booklet I started years back.  I combined the two and here we are today. Introducing self-healing cards.

This deck of 53 cards uses the six modalities of journaling, breath work, mantra, movement, meditation and imagery. Each modality has 6-9 tools to help restore the body, mind and soul to a more calm and centered place. 

If you've had a rough day, need processing after therapy, starting a daily practice, maintaining your healing progress or feeling stuck, these cards will assist you on your healing journey.

I offer gratitude for all the teachers and guides who brought to light the traditions found in Hinduism, Kundalini Yoga, Hawaiian, somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, Buddhism and Contemplative Christianity.


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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan is considered to be the yoga of awareness and consciousness. It strengthens the nervous system so you are better equipped to handle life and all that it brings.  A regular practice helps you to walk through life with more grace, radiance and joy. 

This practice connects you to the Divine and your higher self. It tames the ego, releases negative energy, heals and transforms. You may walk away from a class feeling lighter, less stressed, more joyful, stronger, brighter and more at peace.



Therapeutic guided imagery is a gentle yet effective way to approach healing and change. A client is guided into a relaxed state where they are able to personally access the power of their mind and use imagery to release old patterns, thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving them. This release allows healing and change to occur on the subconscious level of the client-enabling them to make the lifestyle changes they desire.

Imagery may help with:

-inner child + inner self + parts work

-generational healing

-connecting with your higher power for healing, knowledge, wisdom, insight and/or direction

-relationship healing

-cord healing

-forgiveness and letting go

-reframing and restoring 

There is no limit to what can be achieved with guided imagery. A one on one therapeutic guided imagery session tailored to fit your needs and desires for healing, change and growth. Sessions can be in person or online. 



We all have an energetic system that allows the physical body and spirit body to communicate with one another. This energetic system is beautiful in its purpose to serve us and help us grow and progress as infinite eternal beings. Sometimes our energetic systems get out of balance because of our thoughts, emotions and experiences. An imbalanced energetic system looks different depending on the situation - but often times an over or under reaction, perseveration, triggers, feelings of stopped or blocked, foggy, confused or lack of clarity can be present. 

I strongly believe people are in charge of their own energy. My job is to help you get in touch with your own energy, experience it, feel it, see it, release or move it on your own with the help of a trusted guide. As a facilitator I use Reiki, intuition and imagery to help guide you in balancing, clearing and restoring energy back to its whole state.



I intuitively play the hand drum, rattle and gong in order to restore and heal the whole person. In each sound healing session I will guide light movement and breath work prior to the sound bath in order to prepare the body and mind to more deeply receive the vibrations of sound healing.
The vibrations of each tool work with the individuals needs and can bring you into a state of openness, relaxation, reception and restoring.

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Yoga - Guided Imagery - Meditation - Energy

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Stephanie Andersen

will guide you on a journey for self healing. Using the powerful tools of kundalini yoga, gong and drum, guided imagery and journaling you have the opportunity to dive deep into your own personal healing abilities. Soften, release, surrender and just be.

Saturday April 27th


Sacred Rhythm's Studio


Home: Offerings
Home: Offerings


Thursday June 20th


Sacred Rhythm Studio

Bountiful, Ut

Intention setting, kundalini yoga, extended gong bath and healing meditation.



You are your own healer. Give yourself the tools, safety and space so you can bring healing to your body and mind with this unique class held twice a month.

In class Stephanie will guide you in parts work (addressing the self within you that needs healing/attention), share tools for self-healing and teach important steps in the healing process. You will walk away from class feeling regulated, centered, grounded and balanced. Stephanie desires for you to live in your true self and will guide each class so you can enter life stronger.

Every class will be lead intuitively. Be prepared for any of the following tools to be used.

kundalini yoga

yoga flow


breath work 


somatic movement



Class is online only and held the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month 1:00-2:15pm MT

$15.00 a class

$50.00 for 5 punch pass

Home: Offerings
Home: Offerings


Sept. 19-22 2024

Tetonia, Idaho

Stephanie Andersen - Sevak Ardas Kaur

Stephanie has been on her own healing journey for many years. She has learned important and necessary steps in the healing process both through personal experience and trainings. She has also cultivated the skills of compassion, understanding, non judgment and love in order to provide a safe space for healing.

Stephanie will work intuitively to lead this retreat with the knowledge, skills and training that she has acquired on her own journey of healing and through trainings. She will use yoga, meditation, sound bath (gong), guided imagery, breath work, journaling, somatics and nature to help facilitate self healing.


Inclusions and meals:

All dinners, lodging and healing activities and modalities are included with the price of the retreat. Please prepare to bring your own breakfasts, lunches and snacks.



A private retreat in Tetonia, Idaho just for you and your group. Gather friends or family and create a weekend meant specifically for your group. You choose the theme…connection, grounding, self-love, acceptance, joy, healing, fun, relaxation, restoration or adventure (remember I was a recreation therapist)…whatever fills your groups needs. A weekend created just for you. 

Must have 4 people and can host up to 6 people. If you have people willing to share king sized beds we can host 8-10 people total. If you do have 9-10 ppl let's chat about space to make sure you like what’s available.

$450.00 per person

Provide your own breakfasts and lunches (with a private retreat this is nice because you can group plan) and dinner is included at local restaurants. 

*if you want to do an adventure/fun/yoga weekend extra expenses may apply do to booking services outside of myself like shuttles, white water rafting, lift tickets. Let’s chat if this applies to you.

Available Dates:

October 10-12 2024

Tetonia, Id.

Email me if you are interested.

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Image by Tj Holowaychuk

"When you don't go within, you go without."

Yogi Bahjan

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"When I went to see Stephanie Andersen, I had no idea what to expect. Stephanie was there to greet me and immediately put me at ease. She spent time talking to me prior to each session and figure out my concerns and the things I was working on in my life. We then went into the guided imagery process, which was powerful and sometimes intense. Stephanie was always calm, professional, and knowledgeable as I battled against some difficult burdens. After each session Stephanie didn't rush our time together. We sat and discussed what I'd just experienced and how I was feeling. She always followed up with me the next day, via text, to see how I was feeling. I would recommend this process to anyone who is feeling trapped with past stories their telling themselves or anyone who wants to get more out of life. It helps you feel more in control of your life, leaving you strengthened and refreshed in a beautiful way." -Anonymous

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